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Ostealign Goes i

iTherapy comes to town.

Ostealign, in the basic spinal form, is now available for iPad and iPhone from the iTunes Store, for the bargain price of just over $10. You can help ease your family's back and neck problems in your own kitchen or dining room.

The balance of the vast NARESS technology will steadily be released as individual Applications - an entire series. And eventually it will all be rolled into a Windows-friendly programme for PC computers (Apple owners should watch out for us in a Mac App Store). In the meantime, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices are readily available.

Having a career spanning over 30 years as a researcher and therapist, Diana previously developed the earlier incarnations of her therapy, as Neuroskeletal Dynamics, and for a while under the confusing misnomer of Neurokinetics.

Diana has now chosen to go electronic, making her amazing discoveries and research spanning almost 30 years, widely available at the price of a few of cups of coffee.

Pocket sized as an iPhone application, it is now possible to carry the basic technique anywhere, and treat anyone, provided that you can find a suitable surface. It has even been used on the bar of an Outback Australian Hotel, and the boot of a 1971 Valiant sedan in the bush.

This massive release is now followed by training seminars, as they become applicable, in many regional global centres.

Diana has been nominated four times already for the Australian Of The Year Award , for her work in establishing an entire new medical system (see the NARESS download).

She is currently researching and working in the area of restoring spinal cord injuries.

Training will still continue in Australia, students being certificated at the Application level. The remainder of the training required to become a professional is free with the Ostealign Plus course. There is not, and will not be, a Government Accredited Course in any NARESS technology as Diana intends it to be available cheaply for everyone who needs it, not elitist and expensive.

Please feel free to explore all the aspects of NARESS……

There are now more than fifty new Ostealign therapists helping relieve pain, all qualified in the last eight months.

Ostealign Plus is now being offered to last year's graduates, along with assistance in the professional area.

Many of these will form the basis of an Australia-wide chain of clinics under the banner of Ostealign Therapeutic.

Courses are currently filled about three months in advance, by both local and interstate Australian students, but the training team is available to travel if necessary.

New applications coming soon.

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